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sabato 19 dicembre 2009

Best wishes.

To my dear friends, to the followers of this blog,
with all my heart I wish you the best holidays.
I will be leaving and since I will not stay in sardinia I will not be able to write .
I will be back in January with more posts!
Enjoy your families!

giovedì 17 dicembre 2009


Yesterday during a walk a saw a fig tree....

domenica 13 dicembre 2009

a friend from last summer.

A beautiful friend came to visit us last summer ..
it stopped for a while then flew away...

martedì 8 dicembre 2009

Autunno in cantina.

Last sunday I went with friends to a nice place close to home.
It is a place where they have a vineyard and produce their own wine..that is a "cantina" in italian.
There was a special event: a concert by a "quintetto" from Cagliari (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 violoncello and 1 contrabbasso) that was really emotional and free food and wine!
We did enjoy ourselves!!!

domenica 6 dicembre 2009

Sardinia is a touristic place.

Many people come to visit..

sometimes they leave a message in the sand....
Have you ever done it? What did you write?

giovedì 3 dicembre 2009

Hand made straw baskets. the market..

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