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giovedì 25 giugno 2009


I went to Olbia few days ago to see an exposition
of Marillina Fortuna, a woman from northern italy that re-uses
plastic , wood and other elements
that she finds on the beaches during winter
to create works of art.
I took the kids with me,
they were fascinated by the many fish.

lunedì 15 giugno 2009


This is a very common animal here..

It is everywhere if you live in the country, like I do,

they live free and relax by the sun....

they only have one enemy in your house:

your cat!

I took a couple of pictures by the beach.

The other 2 photos are by a friend of mine,

when she arrives to her summer house in sardinia,

she always finds a family of lizards waiting for her.

She only needs to leave some water on the floor
and they come to drink!

venerdì 12 giugno 2009

what a view!!

Yesterday I had a day off
and I decided to go to the beach.
I arrived early,
went for short walk.
had the sun in front of me,
reflecting on the water,
this is what I saw ,
lucky people!
I wish I woke up on that boat!!
pretending to have the sun and the sea just for me...
....well, you never know!!

mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

green on the sand.

This is what grows on the sand by the beach today.
It stings!
Don't know its name though..

soon there will be flowers,
I will show them then!

lunedì 8 giugno 2009

Biscuits at a friend's wedding

A dear friend got married yesterday.
I had to post this picture because of her beautiful dress!!!

My tribute to these biscuits made by herself, her mum and some friends!

Trust me they tasted as good as they look! Even better!

venerdì 5 giugno 2009

World Environment Day


mercoledì 3 giugno 2009

It happens!

Not a lot to say on the subject!
It happens,
it's normal,
you could be rich, you could be poor...
you could be beautiful, you could be ugly...

(cow's shit on the main road. )

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