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martedì 12 maggio 2009

Foreste Aperte (1 of 4)

Last sunday , together with some friends, I went to a beautiful event called Foreste Aperte, which means Open Forests. It was the first time for me, we visited The Foresta di Montarbu, near Seui, in the middle of Sardinia at about 2 hours drive from where I live.
First of all I was very surprised how well it was organized, the place is beautiful , lots of paths to walk, a river, lots of animals, lots of people, and good food too...we were even given a plate with the name of the event to bring home! The kids had entertainment, special walks, some tree climbing with experts, orientering games,a treasure hunt, and environment education lessons with free plants as gifts at the end.
It has been a different day ..we usually lay lazy on the beach!
So do not miss the next posts with more photos....

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