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lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Mamoiada and mamuthones.

Mamoiada is a small town in the centre of Sardinia,

I decided to go and visit it with friends

on a particular cold and rainy sunday.

The place is famous for the Mamuthones,

..and yes , if you are lucky enough to be there when they have

their show Do NOT MISS IT!!

It is a very fascinating mask with its own fascinating history,

(click the link if you would like to discover more about it.)

murales (wall paint) and puppets

ready for the show.


2 commenti:

  1. I've missed you Monika. Its great to visit your blog again and get a glimpse into another world, so far from Toronto's cold weather.

  2. Thank you Barry..and I did miss a lot my daily reading of your blog...but now I am back to normal!!


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