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domenica 11 aprile 2010

saturday walk (1 of 3)

Saturday was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, i think there were more than 20°C..
We decided to go for a walk with the kids..
we parked the car in the countryside and found a path among the bushes that could hardly be seen from the main road...
so, follow the path with us...
It is full of plants and flowers,
The smell is sweet and strong,
we find yellow gorse and white flowers of cisto marino (I could not find a translation in english, forgive me, but I will post more about this plant soon..),white heather, myrtle..

..wild lavender, tree's roots..

It seems that the water from the last days' rains has followed this path too!
Wondering what else we are going to find and where will the path end?
Just wait for the next post....

5 commenti:

  1. Seems to have been a wonderful walk through a very peaceful landscape. I can smell the summer through your pictures!
    Here it is cold again today, after nearly a week with spring-feeling...

  2. finalmente!....anche in inglese riesco a percepire nelle tue parole un entusiasmo ed un'emozione pienamente vissuta...che bello! scrivi..scrivi...scrivi!

  3. What a wonderful path! It is always nice to discover these little walking paths and explore. The pictures make me want to be there.

  4. @ not worry the nice weather lasted just for one it is cold again.. tuo corso di inglese sta dando buoni frutti..
    @Southern Lady Well do not miss the next posts and you will be here with us!

  5. ma che meraviglia, where is that hidden place? ma che bella la lavanda....


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